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Universal Maternal Abdomen with Fetal Pleural Shunt Insertion

The images and video below illustrate how the Universal Maternal Abdomen (with insert liner) can be used with the 23 week-old fetal model that has been developed for teaching ultrasound guided fetal shunt insertion procedures. 


This simulation option includes 3 fetal models of 23-weeks gestation with a hollow fluid-filled chest cavity. This model also includes an integrated intravenous line that is connected to the fetus' umbilicus. This is used to introduce additional fluid to the chest and maintain pressure in the chest cavity during the shunt insertion procedure. 


Dr. Johannes Keunen and Dr. Nimrah Abbasi teaching fetal pleural shunt insertion on the 24 Week-Old Fetus with fluid-filed chest cavity in the Universal Maternal Abdomen at the 2016 Fetal Therapy Simulation Workshop at Mount Sinai Hospital - U of T Surgical Skills Center Toronto.

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