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Surgical Touch is a design and manufacturing company dedicated to developing high-fidelity surgical simulators. For over 15 years, Surgical Touch has been actively developing products, in collaboration with medical research partners. The close collaboration with doctors and surgeons is essential to the research and development process. This synergistic process aids in the creation of the most accurate anatomical representations; we strive to replicate the touch, feel and look of the human body.


Surgical Touch is owned and operated by Francis LeBouthillier. He brings over 25 years of experience as an artist/designer, manufacturer, and problem solver to this work. He actively employs traditional fine art sculpture techniques, in combination with new and developing technologies, to accurately recreate human forms. Francis is also a Tenured Faculty at the Ontario College of Art and Design University.


The mission of Surgical Touch is to create custom teaching tools for medical practitioners that provide an immersive and tactile experience that is convincing to the hand and the eye. These devices help facilitate the perfecting of the medical practitioner’s skills, within the controlled environment of a surgical simulator.

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