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Universal Maternal Model with Fetoscopic Cord Occlusion

The images and video below illustrate how the Universal Maternal Abdomen (with insert liner) can be used with the fetal model that has been developed for teaching fetoscopic cord occlusion techniques. This model contains a fetus, placenta, and an umbilical cord to accommodate bipolar forceps. Please note, the ultrasound visualization properties of the fetus are basic and some visual artifacts may be visible.


This unique simulation environment is the only one of its kind in the world thanks to the guidance and medical expertise of Dr. Rory Windrim, Dr. Greg Ryan, and Dr. Tim Van Mieghem, (Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto). Additional contributions and medical expertise were provided by Dr. Dick Oepkes (Leiden University Medical Centre) Dr. Jan Deprest (University of Leuven, Belgium) and Dr. Richard Pittini (Sunnybrook Hospital, Toronto).


Some of the documentation on this page depicts this simulation model being used at the University of Toronto’s Surgical Skills Center during the 5th International Fetal Growth Meeting - Fetal Therapy Simulation Course at Mount Sinai Hospital.

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